Heimbrent™ is a coffee brand inspired by the Norwegian mixed drink ‘Karsk’, originating from the Trøndelag region.

Containing a half and half mixture of coffee and moonshine. In 1756 home brewing was outlawed by royal decree, but the culture of mixing coffee with moonshine still exists in the dark forests of the region.

It starts with half a cup.

Limited x/96

Batch #003 is only available in a limited run of 96 bags, each of them with unique illustrations and silk screened type. This time we have chosen AA Tegu from Karatina, Kenya. Tegu is one of the best performing washing stations in Nyeri, and have been producing and delivering some of the best Kenyans the last years. Tasting notes: Black cherry, black currant, black tea, cassis and lavender. Variety: Ruiru 11, SL-34, 
SL-28, Batian. Processing: Washed. Altitude: 1800 masl. Produced by Pala Kaffebrenneri in Trondheim.